Artist Bio

A little bit about the man behind the beard.

Aaron has been in this glorious industry of body art since 2008.
he spent three years as an apprentice under Randy V.; an award winning artist from Ink Master.

Aaron’s studies in art go as far back as he can remember….

aaron broke MI tattoo artist
At 6 years old he was reading comics and trying to draw and mimic the characters from the pages.

Soon, Aaron expanded to the characters, objects, and people his friends would ask him to draw and color.
With the strong support of his awesome parents he continued to move forward turning his passion into a full time career.

Mr. Broke attended art school at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI for 4 years and graduated with a degree in Graphics and Communication Arts, which almost immediately he turned into a full time graphic artist position at a metro Detroit area silkscreen shop.

Aaron works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylics, aerosol, photography, digital graphics, print media, clothing, and even sculpture. Always trying to keep learning new and creative ways to bring them into tattooing.

He enjoys most types of tattoo art, but by far his favorite style is traditional mixed with a bit of neo-traditional or color bomb work.
The big bold lines and super bright, saturated, colors speak to him as an artist, well not literally “speak” to him because that would be creepy and weird!

So email The Garrison Tattoo located in Clinton Township, and see him, your local eastside area professional tattoo artist, so he can put that permanent piece of art on you!